Thursday, June 08, 2006

PC For Sale - Sold

The PC described below has now been sold - thanks for all the interest in it.

It's not often that PC Medic has a PC for sale, but right now we have a real bargain on offer which would make the ideal upgrade unit. It's a rebuilt system box with a brand new PC Medic-installed Gigabyte motherboard and Intel 3.0 GHz processor. There is a 160Gb hard disk drive divided into two main partitions - one for the operating system and programs and one for data. Also included is a recovery partition that will restore your PC to "as-new" condition, should you run into problems down the line. The motherboard is fitted with 1Gb of DDR RAM and has integrated graphics and sound. There is a free AGP slot, if you want to fit a high-powered graphics card for game playing and three free PCI slots, so plenty of expansion options exist. The box has a single optical drive in the form of a DVD rewriter.

Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2 is installed and all Microsoft Windows Updates have also been installed.

Pre-installed software includes the full OpenOffice productivity suite (see the blog below on OpenOffice for details), Anti-Virus software, Anti-Spyware software, iTunes, Adobe Reader, PowerDVD (to play DVD movies) and DeepBurner (for burning CDs/DVDs).

This high-spec PC is being offered as a system box only, so you will need to add a mouse, keyboard and monitor to have a complete system. Price is only €480.00. (if you need a monitor mouse or keyboard let us know and we'll give you a price for a full system). This unit is backed-up with the unparalleled support of PC Medic.

Contact me at if you are interested or want more details.

Note that we can add extras such as a wireless network card (it already has a built-in ethernet network card) or high-performance graphics card if required - contact me for a quote.

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