Friday, February 04, 2011

The Great HDMI Cable Rip-Off

A friend rang me from PC world last weekend asking me what kind of HDMI cable he needed to connect an X-Box to his HDTV. My answer was "The cheapest 1m cable you can find". I have four HDMI cables connected to my TV  (XBox, PS3, BD player and HDTV receiver and none of them cost more than €7 (two cost me €4.99) and they all work perfectly. When I met my friend later in the day he told me that the cheapest cable he could find was a Belkin 1m cable that was priced at €44 - but when he got it to the checkout at PC World the price was showing at €56! To my mind it is nothing short of a rip-off to sell a 1m HDMI cable for more than €10.  Some manufacturers make inflated claims or dress up their product descriptions with marketing voodoo such as triple-layered shielding, high-purity copper conductors, and nitrogen gas-injected dielectric. The bottom line is that as long as the cable is HDMI 1.3 compliant it will do the job. For more details read CNET's article.


AxelSmith said...

A very good post and certainly these points really useful.
Expensive cables are ripping lots of people off, who don't know any better.

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Simon Whitworth said...

The most common problem is that most people don`t adjust the TV settings to PC Mode and then get a irreparable washed out "composite like" desktop. They then assume that the cable they payed 12 euro for must be the culprit as other cables cost 120 euro...