Thursday, November 18, 2010

Speaking of Harvey Norman...

We have a regular customer who recently needed a new all-in-one printer with fax and went to Harvey Norman in Nutgrove where they came away with a HP model that cost in the region of €250. They got PC Medic to install it which only took half an hour and all seemed fine. A few days later they called us to say that the printer was mysteriously going offline at random times. After much digging about we found that this was a documented problem with this model of printer and that while a few different solutions were proposed, none of them worked in our case.

So the printer was packed up and brought back to Harvey Norman and the manager there had no hesitation in replacing it for a slightly dearer Brother model at no extra cost. It was great to see a retailer taking their responsibilities to consumers seriously when a problem arises with goods. Needless to say we now point our customers to Harvey Norman's for printers and such like when the opportunity arises. Go Harvey Norman Go!

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