Thursday, December 14, 2006

Vista Flavours

Microsoft has revealed the various different versions of Windows Vista that will be available in the near future here in Europe (business versions are already available since the end of November for corporate customers). The line up consists of:

Home Pemium
Home Basic

This line-up contrasts with Windows XP which came in just three flavours XP Home, XP Professional and XP Media Center Edition.

The version that most people will probably finish up running is the Home Premium edition which sports the new Aero interface (provided you have the hardware to run it - thought to be a minimum of 1 GB of RAM plus a 256 MB graphics card). If you want to upgrade your Windows XP to Vista Home Premium the suggested retail price in the US is $159, so expect to pay around €120 here in Europe. If you buy a new Dell between now and the end of March, you can sign up for a Vista upgrade pack, which will be sent to you as soon as Vista home editions are launched here in Europe.

More details on Vista can be found on Microsoft's Vista Pages.

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