Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Buying from Dell

We had a customer recently complain to us that they ordered a new PC from Dell and when they set it up they discovered that Microsoft Word wasn't installed. What the customer did not realize is that Dell do not supply Microsoft Word or, indeed, any components of Microsoft Office, as standard and if you require them you must pay extra for them. All PCs normally come with Microsoft Works, which includes a word processor but this word processor is not Microsoft Word.

If you need either Word or one of the other Microsoft Office components be sure to specify what you need at the time of purchase from Dell as to buy the software separately from the PC is much more expensive. For example, Microsoft Office Small Business Edition, which includes Word, Outlook, Powerpoint and Excel costs €314 when purchased with a new Dell PC but will cost you €550 (ouch!) if you wander over to PC World to buy it. If you only want Word, then you should order Works Suite, which is an extra €47 - buying Word from a retailer will cost you in the region of €299!


Armand said...

An even cheaper option is Open Office. Will do what 99% of people need to so and is laid out much like Office '03 so you will feel right at home.

PC Medic said...

I agree totally with you Armand, however, there is quite a bit of push-back from many of our customers when the find out that it's free. There is some difficulty grasping that a free software package could offer the same functionality as Microsoft Office. However, those customers whom we have persuaded to try it mostly stick with it. Further, many customers use Outlook at work and want to use Outlook at home, even when Outlook Express or Thunderbird would be more appropriate - hence the move to Office.